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About Us

About Us

Walkerworks Picture Framing is a full service Custom Picture Framing business located in the west end of Ottawa, in the heart of Stittsville at the corner of Main and Beverly Streets. In a stand alone building with ample parking and green space, Walkerworks is a vibrant part of Stittsville’s Main Street corridor.

Conveniently located with a large parking lot right at the front door, Walkerworks is so easy to travel to by car that we frequently give directions to lost travellers.  An added bonus is the easy access for bike and foot traffic as the bike paths at Poole Creek are right around the corner and the Trans-Canada Trail is just a few blocks down Main Street.

Walkerworks has been in retail operations since 2000 and is currently in its 3rd location at 2 Beverly Street in Stittsville.   Operated by owners Amy and Jim since its beginning as a home based framing business in 1995, Walkerworks is the place to go for all of your framing needs.  With both owners each holding the designation of Certified Picture Framer® (CPF), and years of framing experience under their belts, Amy and Jim are able to handle any picture framing projects that walk through the door.  At Walkerworks, you benefit from the combination of their many years of practising the fine craft of picture framing with use of the best technology & current knowledge available to the picture framing industry.

Walkerworks has proudly been a member in the North American wide Professional Picture Framing Association(PPFA) since 1995 and as such stays up-to-date with the current knowledge in the picture framing industry and benefits from the continued education and exchange of ideas that comes with being part of a larger governing body.

Amy is the managing partner and is usually the one whom you will see during regular shop hours.  Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Photography, from the University of Ottawa, Amy originally went to school at Montreal’s Concordia University for Visual Arts specializing in painting.

“Some clients have asked over the years if I still create “art”. The answer is Absolutely! Everyday!  It is just that my medium of choice is picture framing …although I do also take an overwhelming amount of photographs!

The art and craft of picture framing combines so many skills and demands expertise in so many areas that is it most definitely its own “visual art”.  Good knowledge of the elements of design, colour & texture, as well as hand craftsmanship & woodworking skills, and in this day and age, computer technology, all combine in the art of picture framing.

Retail picture framing has been my career for almost 18 years now and I still love the process.  I love the challenge of creating a design for a client’s project: keeping in mind my client’s tastes and preferences while simultaneously honouring the artwork’s subject matter and style.  I love the hands on creation and satisfaction of making something tangible of good quality that performs its duty of supporting and showcasing the artwork or framing project.   And I love that when it is completed, I hand my creation back to its rightful owner and move on to another exciting framing project.”

Jim is the framer-about-town,  teaching seminars and classes on framing, delivering and hanging artworks, and creating unique solutions to out-of-the-ordinary framing challenges. A graduate of St. Lawrence College’s Visual Art’s Program who also studied photography at the University of Ottawa,  Jim is the go-to guy for weird and wonderful framing.

With a fully functioning wood shop,  he is able to make his own frame moulding if the job calls for it as well as custom mounts for specialty items such as knives, guns, hats, violins, etc. out of wood and metal.  Basically, if you can imagine it, he can do it!