A Unique Frame for a Unique Artwork


This piece was something we hadn’t seen before.  It measures roughly 39 1/2″  square and is made out of wood.

Handmade by a family (father, mother and their small daughter) in a small shop in the town of  Tulum, Mexico, this piece took about 2 weeks to make and is most intricate.Wood artwork detail Wood artwork detail centre

Our client tells us that amazingly hers was not the most intricately done pattern in the shop and that certain aspects in the pieces represent different things.

For instance, her piece’s centre portion represents “woman” and the four circles surrounding her on every corner represent “man”.

Draw your own conclusions as to what the ratio of 4 men to 1 woman means… I’ve made mine!

wood artwork centre

The centre portion represents “woman”.

wood artwork detail corner

Each corner has a circle that represents “man”.

In any case, our client had seen some of these wood artworks displayed on canvas in Mexico but obviously for transport purposes hers came home to Canada rolled up.  She wondered if we could somehow mount it on canvas.

Exceptionally durable due to being wood, but pliable like leather, we all decided not to use glass so that it could be touched and enjoyed tactilely as well as visually.

We made a deep stretcher and topped it with a plywood front in order to stretch raw canvas over it for the artwork’s substrate.  Then the artwork was adhered to the canvas using rice starch.

We could have stopped there and she could have hung it as is (and indeed she did for several weeks while we waited for the moulding to come in!)….  But we had just the perfect frame for it:  Larson Juhl’s Axel, in the Antique chestnut colour.  The colour matches the wood artwork exactly and the rough and natural style works great with the piece.

The reason they work so well together is that the Axel moulding, new this year, is something unique too.  Made from 100 year old reclaimed european beams, it is rugged and natural… showing deep wood grains and scars in the profile,  modernizing “the rustic” look for the homes of today.

To view Larson Juhl’s launch video for Axel, please watch below: