Art about YOU!


Ottawa- Gatineau word map by PosterBoy

Looking for a fun and personal way to decorate your walls?  How about a Word Map of your birthplace?

Recently our client came in with two “word maps” by artist Dan Quinton, aka “PosterBoy”.  (Find him on Facebook here.  )

She had one map for Ottawa- Gatineau and one for Nova Scotia —-  an artwork of both her and her husband’s birth places. Besides striking me as a romantic yet totally acceptable artwork display for your more “public” part of your home, I also loved that she was paying homage to their birth places because as an astrology enthusiast, both place and time of birth is important.   Of course being a picture framer, I also loved that she was having me frame them.

Her vision was to make the frames themselves huge in order to fill a large space above a couch and to be a highlight in their home.  After a bit of reflection and because one piece was horizontal and one was vertical yet she wanted the outside dimensions the same… she decided on square frames.  I enticed her to use a deep shadowbox moulding so that, just for fun and to make them a bit different, we could have the matted artwork recessed an inch and a half deep in the frame.

There babies are each about 31 1/2″ square and fill her space well. They are in her words: “perfect, and exactly how I envisioned them”.


Nova Scotia word map by PosterBoy.