Big Wow!: Framed RMC Jacket

Put some “Wow” on your Wall … have us design and frame your prized items!

What do YOU do with your old but prized items?

Think …  What are they?  Where are they?!?

Well, here’s one idea of what to do with them.  Our client thought that it would be great to have her husband’s Royal Military College leather jacket framed.  He had long ago graduated and obviously didn’t wear it anymore, but it was still very important to him.

She thought that it would be nice to get it out of storage, frame it up and hang it up on the wall for him. She even had the perfect place for it: on an empty wall facing the stairs on the finished basement level of their house… in the hallway at the entrance to his “Man Cave”.

When it was all done and hung by Jim, it was perfect. You went down one half flight of stairs, then turned on the landing and saw it the whole way descending the second half.  The result was impressive.  Our client was thrilled, her husband loved it.

At the same time, we also made them a large custom frame for their livingroom, pictured on our Custom Mirrors page.  We asked them if it would be alright if we came back sometime to take some photographs of both for our portfolio.  They said anytime…

….So  2 1/2 years later, we got the call that they were moving away so….if we still wanted pictures, the sooner the better.

To prepare for the sale of their home, they had removed many personal items.  The mirror was still there but gone were all the photographs of the family and other pictures that make your home your home.  The real estate agent, however, did not want the RMC jacket taken down.  That had to stay.  Toot, toot!  (That’s me tooting our own horn).  I have to say though, when we went back to photograph it,  even I came down the stairs and said:  “WOW!” when I saw it again.

So there you go… now you know where to go if you want a little (or big!) WOW on your wall.