Cherished Artworks Updated

We see a good lot of lovely artworks in outdated framing.

Many of these pieces are inherited from a parent, grandparent or other dear family member and they bring back fond memories.

Colonel Mordaunt original framing

This piece for instance hung on our client’s living room wall as a child. On days that she was sick at home and lying on the couch, she remembers being entertained by the scene it depicted.

The problem with old artworks, though, is that they were framed years ago… before the framing industry had such wonderful products as acid free mats and foamboard and UV inhibiting glass.  Before knowledge about how best to mount different items and the availability of different mounting supplies and best practices where made available to the picture framer down the street.

You can see burn from the acid in the tape on the white backing board.

For instance, back in the day,  masking tape was “de rigueur”.  Years later the tape is yellow and brittle and you can see burn from the acid in the tape on the white backing board.

Additionally, there are amazing new moulding profiles that continue to be introduced in the industry.  Lone gone are the days that you need to use a linen liner and a gold frame to frame a painting (not that there’s anything wrong with that… but there are options now (: … we still have a few liners on our wall!  )

North Wind original framing

Your typical white melamine lip with linen liner and gold cap. Acceptable framing design but not very original these days.


Nowadays, you can match up the style & colour of your piece with your framing design, keeping in mind your taste too.  When designing, I take into consideration an artwork’s subject matter, its style & colours and try to create a design that continues what is already there.  The client also gives me needed information.  After all, one piece can be framed many, many different ways.

Framing from too long ago really needs updating if only for the artwork’s health.


Lynn dirty glass  yellowed mats

Old mats are yellowed with a brown bevel (indicating a “regular” acid filled mat) and the old float glass is crazy dirty.

When placed in a micro environment that is rife with acids (tapes, cardboard, mats, etc) the artwork will be damaged.  Regular float or production glass also lets UV light do its thing with no protection.  Unfortunately, everything in our world fades (UV light is also in our house with some forms of lighting) but with 99% blocking UV glass (and only 99% UV inhibiting glass is  considered “conservation” by standards) the amount of time it will take to fade will be much longer, letting you enjoy your artwork with its colours intact for your lifetime at least.


For those of you who can bear to part with the framing,  I guarantee you will be HAPPY!


Here is just a few before and after shots of recents jobs we’ve done like this:

Lynn   Original Swan Swan


Spring near Dacre original framingSpring Near Dacre

Derelicts near Richmond original framingDerelicts Near Richmond

Colonel Mordaunt original framingColonel Mordaunt's Cock Match

Bolivia Painting original frameBolivia painting

North Wind original framingNorth Wind

Winter Creek beforeWinter Creek

Winter Trees and Lake beforeWinter Trees and Lake

Farm House beforeFarm House

Night Stars beforeNight Stars