CP Rail Shadowbox


photo (24)

Another very cool project came through our shop. This one showcases Jimmy’s unique and varied talents extremely well, so forgive me if I toot our own horn too much but I don’t think there are many shops out there who could envision and create a finished product like this.

Our client had an idea to create a display box about his memories of fishing and hunting with his grandfather when he was a boy. His grandfather was a CP railman and they used to take a train up the rail lines in Ontario to fish and hunt.

He had his grandfather’s Conductor’s Hat, a photograph of him in his office, 5 various photographs from these trips, an uncracked bottle of Crown Royal from 1967, his grandfather’s gun and gun bag, and a replica of the traincar they actually rode in.

As a background, he had a map of Ontario blown up to the size that he wanted the piece to be.

General placement of the objects was decided upon with the client.

photo (28)

The client had a specific spot this project needed to fit into as it slides into a spot in a custom bookshelf. The frame also needed to be deep enough to accomodate the objects.

The project was built to slide into this spot in a bookshelf.

photo (29)

Another factor was that it was going into a room with mood lighting only so lights in the box needed to be incorporated into the design, something we haven’t done to this magnitude before.

After we had settled on the overall design & arrangement the objects, the map, the background for all of the other objects, was outsourced to be dry mounted onto thick medite.

The photograph of his grandfather was matted and framed to give it more importance in the display. The other photographs were drymounted onto thick black matboard and mounted onto the map at different heights to make them visually exciting.

Custom mounts made out of metal and wood were designed and fabricated by Jim for the hat, the liquor bottle, the train and the gun.


photo (32)
Lighting was installed behing the matting to illuminate the objects within. The lights connect up to a transformer on the wall so that they can be turned off and on with the flick of a switch.

A frame out of deep pine and capped with our black jerseybox moulding was made by Jim to accomodate the depth of the deepest object: the conductor’s hat.

photo (25)

We were in and out of our clients’ home a few times, tweeking the lights before we all were happy… but the finished product was well worth it.

The finished piece in its bookcase… a lasting tribute to a beloved relative.