Framed Teddy Bear

What can you do with your grown up son’s favourite Teddy?


Our client came in with her son’s Teddy bear and a great idea.  Could we frame Teddy with a pink polkadot theme in a shadowbox in time for her daughter-in-law’s baby shower?

But of course we could.

In order to make the polka dots, I cut a white mat with spaced circular openings and put a pink mat behind it.



To make enough room for Teddy, Jimmy made a double stacked frame out of the white version of our Jerseybox moulding.


As always, we spent time filling not just the joints but the seam between the frames.


Then I carefully sewed Teddy onto his back mat, shadowboxed him in with Museum glass and voila!


How did this gift go over? Our client emailed me with this:

“Amy, my daughter-in-law loved my son’s teddy bear which you placed in a shadow box for me. She was very touched and has a special place in mind in our soon-to-be granddaughter’s room! Thank you for doing such an amazing job. “