Walkerworks Jerseyboxes!

We frame a lot of Jerseys.   Mostly, they are hockey jerseys but of course we’ve done other sports, like rugby, football, baseball…




But mostly we frame a lot of hockey jerseys.  It might be because we are Canadians and hockey is just really BIG here.

It could be because we live in our Nation’s Capital of Ottawa, home of the Ottawa Senators.


Or it might be that our shop is only a 5 minute drive away from the Canadian Tire Centre, where our Ottawa Senators play, so a lot of our clients are hockey fanatics.

Plus we have a pretty huge minor hockey association here so there tends to be a lot of hockey going on.

Anyhow, we frame a lot of Jerseys and by this point in time, we’ve got it down to a science.

When several years ago we realized that Jersey Boxes were something we’d be doing again and again, we designed our very own custom Jersey Box at an awesome package price.  Our custom box currently goes for $460 plus hst.



Here’s how we do it:


To mount your Jersey and make it look good, we use a micro tach tool that shoots plastic fasteners (much like what holds price tags onto clothing, but different!) and our sewing skills.

First we cut out a custom acid free foam board form for the jersey which we then insert inside to hold the Jersey’s shape.  


Then we spend some time fussing with the arms, etc. getting them just so, showing everything the way you want it (back or front, crests on shoulders, etc) and tacking everything in place.


Then we mount the formed jersey with special heavy duty thread onto its backing.   Everything we use to mount your Jersey is easily undone and does not harm it in any way.  If sometime down the road you needed some cash and wanted to sell your game worn Alfredsson on Ebay, we could take it out of its frame and hand it back to you in the same condition that we first framed it in.


After it is mounted, we install your Jersey in a black acid free foam board shadowbox with UV inhibiting glass in a deep black wood lacquered frame.  On the back, we install “wall buddies”, a great staircase hanging system that allows you to hang your Jerseybox safely and easily on your wall.


For those wanting more in their box, we can add matting  into our standard 32″ x 40″ Jerseybox to incorporate a photo or tickets or whatever and the package price starts at $545 for double mats.

Upgrade to Museum glass or Optium Museum Acrylic for the clearest viewing pleasure.

To see more jerseys, head over to our Instagram feed.