Get your Ready Made Frame Here

So you want to make a little display with some cherished photographs…. but you don’t want to pay for custom framing.  Hey, you may even want to switch up the pics from time to time.  Where do you go?

Michael’s? Walmart? Black’s? (ooops darn not there anymore)

Here another option for you.  Come to Walkerworks, that easy-to-get-to park-at-our-door frame shop right in the heart of Stittsville.

And we will make it easy peasy for you too.

This client brought in a ready made that she loved and wanted duplicated.


Client wanted this particular mat opening configuration and to keep the frame the same outside size.


So we did.  Here is our Cube ready made frame.











Can you spot the differences?

* Original has acid in the mats, (you can tell by the yellowed bevels) …ours is acid free

* We include acid free foamboard for backing, not cardboard or pressboard (also full of acid).

* Our glass is 99% UV blocking, original is float glass…. sometimes at IKEA it is plastic.

* Our frame is made out of wood, with a lacquer finish.

* The original is held in with clips in a channel, ours uses flexible framer’s points into the frame.

* You hang the original (rather unsafely) by those little hangers on the backing.  Ours has a real wire system.  Nice and safe.  We also give you the wall hanger.


Our Cube ready made backside.

Our Cube ready made backside.


The original’s backside.