It’s almost bikini…er, 2 piece bathing suit time!

Sometimes your walls want to wear a little something different.  For her waterfront property, our client had a fun idea of decorating with some vintage bathing suits. 

She brought in 3 women’s suits that she bought on eBay.  The first was a one piece wool number that went into a pretty cool shadowbox design. But it made me shiver to think about wearing it, so I’m not going to discuss it. 

The other two were bikinis circa the 1960s according to my research. And speaking of bikini research, did you know that Louis Réard, a Paris automobile engineer turned clothes designer, was the inventor back in 1946?  His famous quote was a two piece suit was not a genuine bikini “unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring. ”

So okay… hmmm maybe these aren’t bikinis. But they fun in any case.   As the client wanted them mounted onto glass, in order to see the wall colour behind, how we would successfully mount these was a new challenge for us. (That is good. )

Here are the end results. Which one looks better on me I wonder?