On the Beach

On the Beach

“On the Beach” by Jane Skinner

Well it’s the eve of summer…. are you ready for the beach?

Recently, Luc Crawford from Luc Crawford Design Inc.  brought in this interesting yet very macabre piece for framing.  A memento of a trip to England, “On the Beach” is an original hand tinted black & white photograph by Jane Skinner.  She dresses and poses dolls in decidedly strange and creepy ways then photographs them.

Luc, being a designer extraordinaire, knew what he wanted when he came in.  We chose a white fabric mat and Roma’s electric white from their Lavo high gloss collection for the frame.  The photograph was drymounted and fitted into the Lavo frame with Museum glass.

Then for a little something different, Luc  wanted to finish it all with a deep white floater frame.  After finishing off the Lavo frame package, we mounted it inside the floater frame, giving it a wide 1/2″ float space.  The effect is reminiscent of an architectural installation…. making this piece hard to miss on the wall, as if that was even possible.