Owl takes flight in funky moulding

I love it when we find a moulding that recreates a pattern in an artwork.  It’s almost like the moulding was made for that particular piece in mind and the result is spectacular.

Our client brought in a limited edition print by artist  Ray Baptiste called “Grey Owl”.

With native art, we generally keep the design pretty simple.  Perhaps a colourful undermat with a white mat that matches the paper over top, or a black top mat.  Usually, we also finish it with a simple black frame.

For this piece we decided on a simple double mat: a dark grey under a white top mat so instead of full-on black, we were looking for a dark grey frame.  We found this beauty on the wall: it matches the grey under mat and has little raised dots on it that echo the many circles in the piece itself.

From Larson Juhl’s Simpatico line, it is called “black textured panel”, but it’s really a dark grey with awesome silver dots.  With the dots being raised, not only does it look funky but there’s some tactile pleasure to this frame too!

Grey Owl


See more from Larson Juhl’s Simpatico line here in their launch video: