Preserving Our History



This client of ours lives up in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.   Just in case you are wondering :


When she comes to Ottawa to visit family, she sometimes bring artworks to us to frame as she knows and trusts us (and yes there aren’t many- any??- custom frame shops up north).

Awhile ago, she mailed us some military memorabilia that she has been caretaker of for many years for the Royal Canadian Legion in Rankin Inlet.

A box filled with many envelopes, each containing items donated to the Legion by families of those that served, arrived.  Some had been labeled many years ago, identifying whose it was or who it was donated by….. some came with no labels.   There were many cap tallies, many pins, some photographs and a few medals as well.

All of this needed to be grouped into a cohesive design.

Contents of the box.


My job was to sort them all out into some sort of cohesive and visually appealing display. Fortunately, this is one of my fortés!

Communicating by email (sometimes sketchy for her), I sent her jpegs of possible arrangements and designs using our integrated framer® visualization software program from Wizard International.  She okayed it all from Nunavut.

We ended up with two display boxes, each @ 20″ x 26″.   They are finished with Conservation Clear Acrylic by Tru-Vue which blocks 99% of harmful UV rays while being more durable and safer than glass.

legion Shadowbox 2

This display frame includes all of the military memorabilia that was labeled. We kept the old and yellowed labels as they are now part of the history of each piece.

Legion Shadowbox 1

This display box includes 4 postcards, numerous cap tallies and pins and badges.



Jimmy has made two shipping crates for them and when she next comes to Ottawa, she will be able to carry them onboard her flight back home and hang them up for all to enjoy at the local Canadian Legion.