Spring Has Sprung… get your Family Photos on the Wall !

Here’s a Tip from:

Ellen Whitehurst, Better Living Expert:

Spring has sprung and now we are officially immersed in the season of renewal and rebirth. And, according to Feng Shui, this is the season of New Beginnings as well. This idea of New Beginnings is traditionally symbolized in this philosophy by young plants peeking through and pushing their way up through the fertile ground. Feng Shui also associates this season with the aspiration or idea of ‘Family’ as well, the people that gave you your own new beginnings.

Therefore, that secret springtime Shui makes this the most perfect season to honor your familial relations by updating and refreshing the photos that you have of your family around your home.You’ll not only bring fresh energies that will strengthen bonds with family and friends but you you’ll also be intentionally sharing symbols that represent the most recent good times that you’ve had together. This empowering exercise will not only make for good Feng Shui but will bring you a harmonious and happy spring as well!

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