The Boys of Winter are Back!!!

Hey have you been missing HOCKEY? We sure have. We’ve even been missing the usual amount of hockey jerseys in the shop for framing. So here’s your reminder…. We frame Jerseys!

photo (13)
We actually have framed so many jerseys here that we’ve made up our own Walkerworks Jerseybox. Your jersey (you know that is doesn’t need to be a hockey jersey, right?) is carefully fussed over by Jim… he inserts an acid free foamcore form and fastens the jersey using a microtach gun that shoots little plastic things that hold everything nicely in place.
It is then mounted into our black foamcore box and finished with UV inhibiting glass in our deep black lacquered shadowbox moulding. We’ll even come hang it for you if you want.
All for the lovely price of $360 +hst.