What’s a Framing Design like?

Having a project custom framed is the only way to ensure that what you put on your walls reflects your own individual taste & style. 

A professional custom picture framer (yes that is a thing) not only has a good knowledge of the elements of design, colour & texture but they are also skilled in hand craftsmanship & woodworking skills and are knowledgable about the best practices in the handling, preserving and framing of your particular item.

At Walkerworks, owner Amy has been designing & fulfilling framing orders full time for over 20 years.


What to expect:

1)   You come into the shop with your artwork or frame-able

2)   We spend some time at the design table.  Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea, you will be guided through the entire process.  (Most clients tell me it is fun!)

3)   Together we decide on the materials and design for your piece.  This process generally takes about 20 minutes.

4)   The shop’s dedicated framing software gives us a price.  If we need to “massage” the design, we do so.

5)   We settle on a design that will physically support and is appropriate for your piece, in your budget and that looks awesome!

6)   We input your contact information into our computer program

7)   We generate an invoice and you pay a deposit of 50% of the framing order.

8)   We both smile, you leave your item(s) for framing and you go on your merry way.

9)   Your item is put away safely in a drawer with its work order.

10)   Materials needed for your project are ordered in.

11)  Your project is completed in shop in @ 2 weeks time.  (If you have a specific deadline, you told us about it when you first came in.)

12)   You are notified by email that your project is completed and ready for pick-up.  The email includes a photograph in order to get you excited to come right in and get it.

13)   You arrive back in shop at your convenience to check out your new framing.

14)   You are overjoyed with the end result, pay for the balance and head directly home to hang up your new framed artwork!

Sounds Great!  I’m going to schedule my design consultation right now!