Cutting Window Mats



With our Wizard –our computerized mat cutter– cutting perfect and creative window mats is a reality at Walkerworks. We are only limited to what we can imagine!

Whether you care for a mat with multiple window openings or a mat outlining an irregular shape, or a mat in the shape of your name, an animal, whatever…. it can be done.


Just need a mat?  No problem.  Need it fast?  Also no problem.  We keep white and black mat boards in stock for quick turn around and also have some in stock 16 x 20 mat boards of every colour.  We will need your frame size and the size you want your window.  Can’t figure it out?  Bring in your frame and artwork and we will do the measuring for you.


Here are some examples of interesting mat designs cut by our Wizard.


This job has 3 windows openings, each with a double mat, finished with a v-groove to unite them. A v-groove is an added element of design that shows the core colour of the matting.  In this case we used a soft grey mat with a black core.

This is just one of many interesting matting design options available at Walkerworks. This is a triple mat with a black mat topped with two blue mats.  It’s a great look for documents like this certificate.

With some design time on our Wizard, we can create window openings that mimic the artwork.

A space was left on the bottom mat in order to mount a medal.

Ovals and circles and other shapes are no problem on our Wizard.

Multiple windows in an oversized (40″x 60″) double mat package.

Stars & Stripes Shadowbox

Fifty stars are cut out of the blue matting to bring the American Flag to mind.

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We can write on your mat if you wish…  this one says “Hip Hop”.