Allstar NHL & Grey Cup Jersey boxes

Our client came in with the makings of two really cool jersey boxes.

He had a Grey Cup 2015 Jersey, a ticket and lanyard, and two Grey Cup pins to make up one box.  For the other, he wanted to include an NHL All -Star Jersey, 2 tickets to the 2016 Skills Competition, 2 tickets to the All-Star Game, an official All-Star Game Puck, a commemorative pin (in the shape of a guitar pick!) and the coolest thing….a mini All-Star commemorative guitar, just because it was all held in Nashville.

A lot of thinking and design time goes into projects like this.  With the client,  the matting and framing we are going to use get chosen and we get the general lay-out down.  By myself, I ponder the design and input it into our computerized mat cutter, often cutting test mats to make sure things are going to work out the way I want them to.

With multiple items of varying depths, there is a lot of building up of layers.  Each layer needs to be level with enough substance underneath so that there will be no buckling in years to come.  A well built shadowbox of this size takes around an entire day of carefully mounting each item and building of layers as I make my way up.  Each of these babies is what I call a half and half shadowbox, meaning an item (or more) is recessed in a window mat and there is also matting all around the inside of the frame rebate in order to hold the glass away from the items in the framing package.

These types of jobs take some time and can’t be rushed, but I can promise you that you’ll be happy with your end result.


Here are some photographs of the jobs while they were in progress:

Jerseys are fitted with a custom acid free foamboard form and pinned in place. Then the form is mounted to the foamboard backing board.

The mini guitar was mounted on top of the top mat, as was the pin. The puck is recessed partly in the box but sticks out halfway into the box.

Shadowboxing the frame with the same grey suede matting as the top mat. Yes the Museum glass is already in there.

Mat pack for the Grey Cup box is ready to be fit into the waiting shadowboxed frame.

All Done.


The puck is half recessed, half above the top mat.


Um, close up of that cool wee guitar. It even has strings!!

NHL project is ready to fit into its shadowboxed frame.


Tickets to the All-Star game were mounted under mylar in a window mat shaped like, well, 2 tickets fanned out.


The Skills Competition tickets, fanned out under mylar.