Barn Board Frames

Some pictures are just screaming out for a barn board frame.  Or politely asking.

Luckily, we have a few lines of picture frame moulding, in different profiles and colours that mimic really really well the barn board look.  The “Lancaster” line from Larson Juhl comes in “Covered Bridge Grey”, “Split Rail Tan”  and Amish Black” in 4 different profiles and a fillet .  Their “Brittany” line comes in “Shell White”, “Sage Green”, “Vermillion Red” and “Charcoal Black” in 3 different profiles and a fillet.

Lacing Up

Lancaster’s Covered Bridge Grey

Casitos de mi peublo 1

Brittany’s Shell White

Dogs canvas

Lancaster Amish Black with a flax sand linen liner

Larson’s “Axel” line, made from reclaimed beams, is also a great choice for rugged, natural looking moulding.


Axel Antique Chestnut

Read our blog about a “Unique Frame for a Unique Artwork”to learn more about the Axel frame line.

As a plus, these mouldings are production made, so they are all neat and tidy and perfect.

But sometimes a client really wants actual REAL wood, that came off of a barn.  Perhaps even their own barn.

Jimmy has perfected his handcrafted barn board frames.  Here are a few.

Barnboard Horses

This piece was already framed and the client loved the mat cut-out but thought the rest could be better. For one thing, the bottom mat was purple and they wanted a change. So we kept the top mat, chose a brown undermat and matching moulding- Larson Juhl’s Lisbon Aged Honey– and put it all into a Jimmy-made barn board frame. The piece is finished with Museum glass and hangs on a show wall next to…..


These tomahawks. We wanted these two tomahawks, each in their own shadowbox, to work with the Native Horse print so we used the same brown mat as their background and shadowbox colour and framed them in the same Lisbon Aged Honey moulding. For these, Jim made deep barn board frames to accommodate the depth of the tomahawks. Finished with Museum glass.


Dawson City Barn Board

A genuine barn board frame just felt right for this pencil sketch of Dawson City from 1962.


Hogan Barn Board Frame

This client wanted to really personalize his family portrait by using wood from his barn, which is also the backdrop for the photograph. He brought us a length of board that had been lying in his barn for years and Jimmy made him a truly unique frame.

Metal Dog

Metal Print of a Dog installed in one of Jim’s barnboard frames.  Sue Bird Photography.


Metal Greyhound

Another one by Sue.