Chug Chess

Chug Chess

My mission this summer is to frame all of our board games.

Why?  I have a few reasons, besides the obvious one that I am a framer and happen to have some damaged shadowbox moulding hanging about.

For one, I’d like to clear off some shelving and make our board games more accessible so that we might actually play! (I love games.)

Also, they will make a really interesting Games with Frames display on the wall of our screened in porch.

Secondly, by using a deep shadowbox moulding, we will be able to make custom compartments in the back for all the miscellaneous pieces.

For instance, here’s the inside of our framed “Chug Chess” game.

Chug Chess inside

Having just unpacked it from a box, I couldn’t figure out where to permanently store it in our house with all of those glass playing pieces (for those who don’t know… you fill the shooter glasses up with your preferred beverage and when you lose a piece in the game, you have to chug said beverage.  Our kids have already played with Orange Crush…. I am looking forward to playing it with something else.)

So I got out some gaterboard and the hot glue gun and voila!  Storage in the back for all the pieces.  Another piece of gatorboard holds everything in.