Frame the “Oh,ohs” of your life

What happens when a snowmobile and its driver wrestle?

Here’s a hint:  its not a fair fight and you don’t want to be the one that ends up on the bottom.

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This winter a buddy of ours took a corner too sharp when going up a snowbank and ended up pinned under his sled.  The end result is a dislocated shoulder.

As he so kindly sent out a jpeg of his xrayed injury to all of us, another buddy took it upon himself to print up enlargements to distribute all around.

I thought, well if he’s printing it out, I can frame it!

This enlarged xray image framed in our CUBE black moulding, Onyx black mat and UV conservation clear glass is now a “fun” reminder of a not so fun event.

Crash January 2015

Now “Crash” will remember his “oh, oh” moment every time he looks at his wall …and unfortunately (but hopefully not for too long!) every time he moves his arm too ):


P.S;  For you snowmobilers out there wondering, no, the sled was not damaged at all.  Whew!