Gerald Smith Memorial Exhibition


The Ottawa School of Art will be showing a memorial exhibition of Gerald Smith’s artworks at their Byward Market Gallery at 35 George Street from Saturday February 20th until Monday February 29th.  The vernissage will be held on Sunday February 21 from 1-4pm.  This event is free to the public and a wonderful way to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with one of Canada’s late great artists.

Gerald was a well known artist, teacher, mentor and friend in the Ottawa community.  He passed away last May.

As Wikipedia puts it, “Gerald Smith was very prolific through his long career that saw the creation of over original 800 original works of art most of which were landscape, figure and abstract paintings in oil and acrylic. He also produced a number of sculptural works in wood and stone but their production declined following the end of his academic career due to lack of studio space.

His success as a painter was connected to his fine drawing skills and which can been seen in the hundreds of figure drawings (primarily figure and still life) that he produced.”

With a love of working on overly large canvases, regardless of saleability or space constraints, Gerald was always true to his vision.  His many works also include a few large murals in his home church of Kanata Baptist depicting grand events from the bible (and much symbolism!!– he was also brilliant mind) using his fellow church members, fellow artists, students at the OSA and family members as subjects.

Indeed, at his Memorial Service at KBC, those in attendance were asked to raise their hand if they either owned a Gerald Smith painting or had been one of his models. Most hands in the packed congregation were raised.

I for one am honoured to have been one of the many immortalized by Gerald and one day hope to have a large enough wall to bring that painting home!

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