Indonesian Silk Batik


For several years, one of our clients lived and worked in Indonesia for the UN.  During his time there, he and his wife acquired several lovely artworks, one being this very large and very beautiful silk batik.

Now making their home again in Canada, they wanted to have it framed and hung on their wall so that they could enjoy it.

Overly large at over 43″ x 38″, we mulled over the possible ways of framing and mounting it: with or without glass?,  floated  (sewn?, rice starch?) onto a matted background?, stretched onto stretcher stock?, blocked with pins onto foamboard? or gatorboard?….

The final decision was that they didn’t want glass and they wanted it flat.  They also did not mind losing a bit of the edges so that it could be wrapped and stapled over stretcher bars.

So to get it perfectly flat and wrinkle free, we decided on a stretch over acid free foamboard and onto a stretcher (like an artist’s stretcher).  To minimize puncture wounds in the silk, Jimmy stapled through pieces of raw canvas first, then the batik to fix it onto the stretcher. The foamboard ensured a uniform flat and solid backing for the batik.

We finished it in a brown wood frame with a deep bevel from Tripletouch Moulding.  To prevent acid migration into the silk, the rebate of the frame was first sealed with aluminum barrier acid free tape.

Batik one corner

One corner of the finished piece.

Indonesian Batik

The finished piece… most of it! Too large to fit under our visualization camera for its mug shot, I managed to get 3 of its sides in…..

Batik detail

Detail of butterfly.