image-3 A special rosary receives a special home.


Our clients received this rosary from their son, who laid it on many places that Jesus had been in Jerusalem. They wanted to put it on display but also to be able to take it out and handle it.

We came up with a display box, completely custom made by Jim, that would fulfil their criteria.

In the woodshop using two different profiles of Larson Juhl’s Wren moulding, Jim made a box and a top frame.  He hinged the two together to form an opening box.  Next he shadowboxed both the top frame and the inside box with black suede matting.  The museum glass is held captive in the top frame with the shadowboxing,  the rosary receives the depth it needs in the box.


The rosary hangs on a black suede matting by way of Rare Earth magnets from Lee Valley that are mounted to the back of the mat. This way the rosary can be easily taken out and put back it in.


Jim installed silver hinges and claps to match the silver in the rosary and ensured that the display box would open and shut easily.


Two easel mates finish the piece so that it may stand on a side table on display whether it is open or closed .



The display box is supported by two easel mates and stays upright when open.