Thank You for Trusting us with your Memories!


The best thing about my job is that I get to make people happy.

My clients bring me their most prized artworks, their favourite photographs, their precious heirlooms, their memories, their proudest accomplishments.  I get the privilege of handling these things, figuring out how best to display them, doing it… and then giving them back.

In return ( besides actually earning a living!!)  I am usually given a heartfelt thank-you from my clients.

These “thank-you’s” mean more than you can imagine: they are my proof that being the protector and preserver of memories is an important job.

This Christmas we were entrusted with many clients’ Christmas gifts…. Christmas gifts that were “the big gift” for their loved ones.

One of these big gifts was for a return client of ours.

Last Christmas we did a shadowbox for his granddaughter highlighting all of her year’s accomplishments…. and it was a big year!

Amoung her achievements:  winning the Canadian National Equestrian Championship, being awarded with numerous “Top 10 Awards” at that same competition, being featured in the “National Results” publication, being named Athlete of the Week on CTV Ottawa, runner up Youth Citizen for Stittsville, and many school awards both athletic and academic.

The Year that was

The Year that Was :  This shadowbox is a lasting memento of a sixteen year old’s amazing year.

This year, he had us have one of the photographs from the shadowbox enlarged and printed by our printer, and then framed by us to be a centrepiece in his daughter’s house.

It features his daughter (also a competitor), his granddaughter and her horse after her big win.

The job of a picture framer is to help you remember and enjoy your fondest memories and accomplishments.

The job of a Picture Framer is to help you display and preserve your fondest memories and accomplishments.


He in return gave me a very special gift on Christmas Day by sending me the following email:

” The frame you did… was a great success and appreciated by my daughter.  She couldn’t believe the way you put it all together… all matching so well with the picture.  Thank you for such a valued treasure, its hung up already in their home.

Much appreciated and I am confident that we will do business again.  

Hope you have a great Merry Christmas and that the New Year will be more of your dreams come true.”


My dreams for the new year is to continue practising the fine craft of picture framing.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you who continue to make this dream possible! Happy 2015!!